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Upper Body Mini Series

Duration: 3 minutes
Props: None
Difficulty: Intermediate 

The intention of this series is to strengthen the upper body while challenging the core. Moving with precision and purpose.

1. Leg Pull Support - Front Support

Benefits: Strengthens and aligns the upper body & powerhouse.

2. Triceps Push-Ups

Benefits: Strengthens the upper body mainly the triceps. Challenges the powerhouse.

3. Leg Pull Support - Back

Benefits: Strengthens the upper body, gluts, hips, and powerhouse. Stretches the

chest & shoulders.

4. Side Stretch

Benefits: Strengthen and stretches the side obliques. Challenges balance and core.

5. Push-Up Series

Benefits: Strengthens the upper body & powerhouse.

Try it out! - It only takes 3 minutes.

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