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6 of my Favorite Stretches post Hiking

Duration: 7 Minutes

Props: None

Difficulty: Beginners

Living in FL one of my favorite outdoor activities to do when I get the opportunity to go to the mountains is Hiking. Last week we went to Utah for a family vacation so we did several hikes on our trip and I made sure to Stretch every day.

Benefits of Stretching after your Hike:

+ Reduces Lower Back Pain

+ Increases Flexibility

+ Improves Circulation

+ Reduces the of Risk Injuries

1. Upper Body Stretch

2. Tendon & Quad Stretch

3 & 4. Hamstring, Psoas, and Groin Stretch

5. Spinal Twist

6. Back Extension

Try them out. Trust me your body will THANK YOU!! If you have any questions or need any special modifications please reach out to me.

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