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5 Pilates Exercises on the FoamRoller

Duration: 5 Minutes

Props: Foam Roller

Difficulty: Beginners

Short series that will stabilize and strengthen your shoulders and core.

Reach & Pull


- Creates shoulder stability

- Opens your shoulder blades

Execution: Arms over shoulders and reach to ceiling. Inhale press arms down reaching long and with control. Exhale bring the arms to starting point. Ribs stay

anchored and movement is down from your the shoulders.

Repeat 10 times

Arm Circles:


- Activates your shoulders

- Builds endurance in the triceps, biceps, and forearms.

Execution: Come up with arms to circle around. Press down, open arms to sides, and circle back up. Reverse direction. Shoulders stay down, and belly pulled in.

Repeat for 5 in each direction

The Hundred:


- Helps build up core strength

- Improves long capacity

- Warms up the body

Execution: Bring your chin to your chest and stretch your arms long. Breath in for 5 and out for 5, pumping your arms long and strong, imaging you are splashing water off the floor. Eye gaze to belly the whole time. Lifting your head from your shoulders not your neck. If you feel neck pain keep head down (applies for all the exercises).

Repeat for 20 breaths /100 pumps.

**Challenge: bring your legs up to table top while maintaining balance, then out straight to 45 degree angle.

Single Leg Toe Tap:


- Strengthens your core, lower back and legs.

Execution: Bring the legs to table top position. Alternating legs reach your toes to the mat as low as you can without pupping your ribs. Rips and belly should stay anchored to the foam roller the entire time. Range of motion may be small, but if done

properly you will build up the muscles.

Repeat 10 times each leg

Double Leg Toe Tap:


- Strengthens your core, lower back and legs.

Execution: Reaching both legs down to the mat.

*Only advance if you are comfortable with prior exercises.

Repeat 10 times

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