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Why we should all spend more time outside

Most of us spend our weekdays inside an office, sitting down. That is why my favorite part of the weekend is spending time outdoors, breathing fresh air, and getting vitamin D!

Nature Window View - Oahu

Nature = Happiness

Sun = Vitamin D

Beach with Friends

Spending more time outside will:

- Increase your Energy

"Nature is the fuel for the soul" Richard Ryan

- Make you Feel Happier

- Boost Concentration, Creativity & Focus

- Improve Mental Health

- Decrease Depression & Anxiety

- Lower Stress

- Help you be more Active

- Strenghten your Vision

- Increase Vitamin D

Benefits of Vitamin D:

- Allows us to absorb Calcium from food

- Helps Prevent Cancer and Heart Diseases

- Helps process Cholesterol

- Helps balance the body's internal clock for a better night's sleep

Lack of Vitamin D:

- Causes diseases like osteoporosis

- Decreases immune system function

No matter where you live, you can always find FUN activities to do outside, whether you are by the mountains, the beach, or in a hectic city. Living in Florida, you can guess what I spend most of my weekends doing - spending time by the ocean! I love going to the beach, boating, and fishing with the boys. And I always get to practice Pilates at the same time. What more could I ask for?

Share some of your favorite outdoor activities to do during the weekend or the ones we have inspired you to do =). Please tag us on Instagram and Facebook we would love to be a part of your experience.

MORE weekend GOALS & TIPS coming soon.. Keep posted

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